Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Have a Name!

I have been whining about my feet incessantly for the last month. Occasionally, I would sit by the trail, staring at my bare foot practically begging it to tell me what is wrong. Once, I even ran back from Land's End at Clinton Lake with my shoe insoles in my hand. I have bought shoes, changed socks, taken a week off, and contemplated burying myself in shallow unmarked grave next to the bridle trail at WyCo. All that has changed. I now have a name for the malady that has plagued my runs ever since Psycho Wyco.


Sounds horrible doesn't it? Not really. It just means that I've irritated the tiny bones in the ball of my foot that give you a little extra leverage when you push off your big toe. It's a form of tendinitis and it frequently occurs when you increase an activity like running. Especially on hills. A pretty accurate description of a guy who recently gave up the couch for the trail. It's not too much, just too much, too soon.

The good news is that I'm already getting better. A little time off. A little less mileage. Some shoe adjustments. And I'm back on the trail.


A more thorough description of the condition at:

Monday, March 16, 2009

Getting a little stir crazy.

So! I took an entire week off of trail running hoping my left foot would quit torturing me. I did do some work at the gym on the elliptical trainers and bike. Finally, Sunday, Susan and I went to WyCo and ran some of the horse trail plus the triangle. Just about 3 miles. While I didn't actually have to start favoring my foot, it was not happy. I'm going to continue on the low mileage plan for a few weeks but if things don't improve soon, I will have to consult a physician. I'm also going to try some different shoe options.

Other than the foot, things are going well. I plan to spend a little more time in the gym to make up for the reduced mileage.

S'long for now.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Many is Better Than One

Today was not my best day on the trail but being around a group of fun, accomplished, and encouraging runners sure beats going it alone. I wanted to be really cranky about my sore feet today but the Trail Nerds wouldn't let me. Thanks!


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