Friday, January 30, 2009

Superbowl Weekend!

Unfortunately, I will eat way too much of things that shouldn't be eaten in the first place. But food and friends are a good thing. Friends are good every day. Superbowl food? Once a year.

I have a good weekend of trail running planned. I will run with the Trail Nerds at Clinton Lake in Lawrence on Saturday. I want to do about 10 easy miles but I'll take it as it comes. Sunday morning is the Psycho 5k, Ice Edition trail race at Wyandotte County Lake Park. This will be my first official trail race! After the 5k, I'll do the full loop (10.3 miles.) I am becoming more and more confident that I will complete the 20 mile, Psycho WyCo in two weeks on February 14. I'll check in and let you know how the weekend goes.

So long!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Since my last post.

I turned 50. Spent some time with my family in the mountains (Estes Park). Started a new business doing the same old thing. Signed up to run a 20 mile trail race. And tried to come up with something profound, interesting, and entertaining to write in my blog. Failing that, I wrote this.

I plan to take myself less seriously and post more often. It's a blog, not the "Great American Novel." Ta ta for now!