Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back to the Scene of the Crime

I went back to WyCo Lake Park yesterday and ran the Psycho WyCo loop. The trail was frozen hard and I discovered that my feet are still tender (read horribly bruised) from the twenty miles last weekend. By the time I finished, I was walking and whining. I tried not to whine too loud though because WyCo whiners are buried in shallow unmarked graves. I came home, iced my feet and watched Big 12 basketball.

While approaching "Fall Down Hill" I came across Ben and Jim who were out marking new trail. Ben explained that they are closing some sections that are eroding and replacing them with new. Sounds like there will be volunteering opportunities for trail building and maintenance.

When I finished, there were two bald eagles working the west side of the park. They are gorgeous birds. At one point, they came in for a low pass and I got to see them from no more than 40 yards away. Wow! A red tailed hawk decided to chase them away. I'm not sure how THAT works, the hawk being about half their size, but it was successful. The last I saw of the eagles, they were circling high toward the Missouri river. I wonder if these eagles nest in the vicinity. I will ask one of the rangers next time I'm there.

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  1. Thanks for the tip on the new trail, Brett. I wonder how that will affect the difficulty of the course all together? Probably not too much, I would imagine.

    Take care of your feet, my friend. :)