Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!

Happy Birthday Dad! (shown with my sister Bethany) My father introduced me to Kenneth Cooper's "Aerobics" and Jim Fixx's "The Complete Book of Running" when I was a teenager. It's a shame it took 30+ years to really stick. My dad is 82 today and while he doesn't run anymore, he still does a daily workout involving calisthenics, weights, and an exercise bike from the Eisenhower era. Go Dad!

I ran my very first road race on October 11th! The Jared Coones Memorial 5k Pumpkin Run. While it was just a 5k, it was 5k farther than I've raced. I now have a personal best in the 5k of 31:05. I could have knocked 25 seconds off that time by starting closer to the front. That is the sort of thing one learns with experience. The weather was beautiful and the atmosphere was festive. There were 2,930 entrants in the race and I finished 32nd out of 82 in my age group.

Since my last update, my oldest son turned 21 years of age. It is hard for me to believe that it has been 21 years since he came home with us. Now there is just one kid left in the family and he's just a year and a half behind his brother. Who am I kidding? They're both adults and have been for a while. I'm proud of them both.

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